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In Honor Of Danny Barak

Leader Capital Markets was founded in 2001. We specialize in the provision of comprehensive solutions for leading institutional investors in Israel and abroad, as well as for the financing needs of private and public companies.


Our list of clients includes all the insurance companies, provident, pension and mutual funds, and many leading foreign investment houses that are active in Israel.

Leader Capital Markets operates in four main areas:

  • Trade in securities and financial instruments (brokerage) – Securities trading services and financial instruments for local and international institutional investors.
  • Research - Research services (micro and macro), which include top-quality analysis of activities in the different sectors of the economy and the operations of leading companies that are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
  • Investment Banking - Distribution and management of public offerings, underwriting services, management of private offerings and block trading.
  • Investment management - money management services of private funds,mutual funds and provident funds, through the Yelin Lapidot Investment House (of which Leader Capital Markets holds 50%).
  • Inter-bank Brokerage - Leader Capital Markets is the owner of ILS BROKERS LTD, A brokerage house based in Tel Aviv that is engaged in brokering financial transactions between Banks.

Leader Capital Markets is a one stop shop Investment House.


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