Leader Private Capital

Israel’s Premier Advisor and Placement Agent

Leader Private Capital is the premier placement agent in Israel responsible for having institutionalized the private capital fundraising segment. We specialize in primary fundraising, feeder funds management and direct transactions.

Backed by Israel’s most powerful investment banking organization, we have had deep roots in the Israeli LP community for over 30 years. Our investors coverage includes: insurance companies, pension funds, banks, family offices, university endowments, ultra HNWI, foundations, provident funds, private banking and private corporations. With over 500 registered institutional investors and wealth managers, we directly cover over $1 trillion in AUM.

Our team is comprised of industry pioneers with a track record of billions of dollars raised for our clients across hundreds of transactions in multiple sectors, strategies, and asset classes.

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Leveraging the entire Leader platform, we are strongly positioned to offer our clients a winning combination of market expertise and best-in-class practice delivering the strongest marketing efforts with the broadest possible reach.

Our team has led the most significant studies, reports and professional events in the private capital industry. We have strong ties with the official supervisory bodies and serve as a key advisor for Israel’s investment houses association as part of their work with the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority in Israel.

Given our impeccable reputation and our strategic positioning we have a strong alignment of interest with both investors and fund managers, which allows us to lead large-scale fundraising and groundbreaking initiatives in the Israeli private market industry.


Services Coverage

Primary Fundraising

We exclusively partner with selected managers with an impeccable track record, providing access to prime investment opportunities which have a competitive advantage over competitors. Our familiarity with Israel’s top tier investors provides us with insight into their decision-making process, portfolio developments and target asset allocation, and places us as one step ahead.

Feeder Funds Management

Leader Private Capital Feeder Funds Program offers qualified Israeli investors access to top-tier private capital funds via dedicated investment vehicles, providing the benefit of investments usually only available to large institutional investors. We provide investors with exposure to primary fund opportunities diversified across geographies, sectors, and vintage years by applying a rigorous fund selection process to ensure exceptional quality in investment opportunities. Our partnership with FIBI – First International Bank of Israel (the leading bank in Israel in capital market services for private clients) enables us to provide a solid investor base for each feeder we structure.

Our investor base is the largest of its kind in Israel due to our broad relationship with Israel’s major banks, family offices, advisors, corporations, and HNWI. The vast experience, knowledge and respectable reputation we have accumulated over 30 years have positioned us as the leading firm in Israel in the field and the most trusted partners among global fund managers.

Our impeccable reputation and strategic positioning means a strong alignment of interest with private banking divisions, family offices, advisors and other private wealth managers who we see as our partners, allowing us to lead large-scale fundraising and groundbreaking initiatives in the Israeli private market industry.

Direct Transactions

As the largest investment banking firm in Israel, we have initial access to the best investment opportunities that the Israeli economy has to offer. Our focus is on making the perfect match between a promising Israeli based technology company and a global strategic equity partner who can help it grow and become a global leader.
Israel’s startup ecosystem has shown tremendous interest from global investors and multinational corporations wanting to invest directly in Israeli companies. Capital invested in Israeli companies has been setting new records every year.

Due to an extensive network of connections with our global partners and our undisputed reputation, Israel’s top tier technology companies turn to us as their preferred investment bankers when seeking a global strategic partner.

Investor Monitoring

The strength of our LP relationships is derived from our reputations as a thought leader with in the private capital industry. We maintain ongoing dialogues, conduct annual meetings and nurture the relationships with all investors while conducting on them extensive research and granular analysis of their portfolios in order to identify market needs and accurately determine allocation potentials.


Manager Selection

We proactively target and select best-in-class managers by engaging on mandates with a focus on quality over quantity. Our selection process includes a careful examination on predefined parameters and fundraising potential. We evaluate each opportunity from an investor angle along with comprehensive due diligence and make sure to cover all legal and tax aspects.


Our Key Strengths

  • Relationships

    Strong brand with solid boots on the ground

  • Efficiency

    Time optimization for GPs

  • Broad Reach

    Ability to access a wide investor pool

  • Hands-on

    Ability to influence investor decisions

  • Personalization

    Marketing efforts tailored to local market

  • Communication

    Constant dialogue with prospective investors

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